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On launches

Last week I ‘launched’ my new project, Jezami, which is a performance project combining my interests in electronics and composition with my performance skills. Using the word ‘launch’ felt a bit silly, as basically it just meant that I published the facebook page and invited people to ‘like’ it… In a way, it’s just me publicising the fact that the project exists and hoping that people might come along to my very first gig (on Wednesday). I’m not a natural self-publicist, and something about using the word ‘launch’ feels a bit marketing-speaky and fake.

Having said that, this is a project that I’m quite excited about – not having to rely on other musicians to create what is hopefully interesting (and maybe even sometimes innovative) music is liberating, and doing something new is refreshing. Even the feeling of being nervous for a performance is quite exciting!

I haven’t even ‘launched’ this website yet though. I’d like it to look a bit more finished and professional before I do, and maybe I can find a better word.

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