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Trad Academy ‘Play Folk Tunes’ week 1

In the first week of the Trad Academy ‘Play Folk Tunes’ course, we covered two jigs (dance tunes in 6/8 time). ‘Oats and Beans’ is a 3-part English tune – I learnt it from fiddle player Steve Blake, but it’s a well known one. ‘Galloping Nag’ is a 2-part Welsh tune that I learnt from the KilBride Brothers’ track on ‘Ffidil’, an album of Welsh fiddle music.

Here’s a video of me playing the tunes:

I play them up to speed first, then ‘Oats and Beans’ a bit slower at 2.45 and ‘Galloping Nag’ at 4.17.

Here’s the sheet music for ‘Oats and Beans’.

The chords are as I would play them – there are many other possibilities, including extra changes in all the parts. You can also experiment with using some minor chords, for example replacing the first D chord in the first part with a Bm on the second time round.

Here’s the sheet music for ‘Galloping Nag’.

Again, the chords are my choice – an A or A7 in the second part instead of the G would work just as well.

Enjoy playing tunes!

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