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Trad Academy ‘Play Folk Tunes’ week 3

In the second week of the Trad Academy ‘Play Folk Tunes’ course, we covered two English quicksteps in G from Lincolnshire, ‘Louth Quickstep’ and ‘Market Rasen Quickstep’. I learnt them from Steve Blake, but their ‘original’ source (as far back as these things can be traced) seems to be the 1823 Joshua Gibbons manuscript.

Here’s a video of me playing the tunes:

These are great tunes to play for ceilidh dancing – I’d play them for any English / American 32-bar dance that has a polka feel, like the Borrowdale Exchange, Holmfirth Square 8, or Coming Round the Mountain. In the video I play them up to speed first, then Louth Quickstep slowly at 3.00 (actually it’s not that slow, but it’s slow-ish), and Market Rasen Quickstep at 4.28.

Here’s the sheet music for both tunes.

I just realised I forgot to put the chords in, it’s just G, C and D – if you want to play chords, just try them out until you find the right ones.

Enjoy playing tunes!

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